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The gigantic citadel of learning known as Regina Pacis model secondary school Onitsha (academic paradise) like the biblical mustard seed developed out of the humble effort of the Christian welfare association Onitsha archdiocese. The group inspired by the then archbishop of Onitsha, His Grace Most Rev. Charles Heerey conceived the idea of establishing a centre for skill acquisition and youth development. Consequently, a portion of land was acquired in 1962 at number 13 Awka road (present site), for immediate take off of the project. Despite early efforts, operations could not begin at the proposed site until 1966, when Rev. Fr. A. Byne was appointed the director of the centre by the archbishop. The appointment of Rev. Fr. A. Byne celebrated the growth of the centre, and branches were opened at Nnewi, Adazi, Nimo, Obeledu and Oraukwu. Courses such as motor mechanic (dropped for want of space), furniture, cloth making, fashion designing, typing and shorthand, accounting and business method, catering and management studies were taught. This enabled the church to give holistic education, that involved the use of head and hands to the youth.


For effective management of the centre, the following people were appointed the first trustees of the institution.

  • Mrs Cecilia Arinze.
  • Mr. Fred Okwudili Anyaegbunam.
  • Hon. George Ume Ezeoke.
  • Sir Joseph Ozoemena Nwankwu.
  • Dr. Joseph Ihejiofor.
  • Mrs. Ann Onyeogoegbunam.

Vision statement

A school where there is no coercion or force yet everybody excels in morality and academics.

Mission statement

To build an exemplary,virile and peace loving college resistant to mediocrity, where morality character formation, academic excellence and vocational skills acquisition are constantly and passionately prized by all teachers, students and stakeholders for an enjoyable tomorrow, and to do it the best way possible around.

Our Ethos


Education has a standard, to meet up with the standard is always very painful to the flesh, but very fruitful and beneficial in future.

Therefore, only the best is good enough, give the world your best and the best will come back to you.

Shun the enemy called Mediocrity because it is better to wear out than to rust out.


Books are great friends, they have something to offer you each time you pick them up, and what is more, they never complain of being tired.


I shall not pass this way again; I expect to pass this way but once. Therefore, any good thing that I can do, any kindness that I can show to my fellow human beings, let me do it now. Let ne not defer nor neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.


A Regina Pacis student is ordinarily special; she makes the difference anytime, any day, anywhere.


My reading effort today is my confidence and pride tomorrow


I will ever be confident to defend on my capabilities anywhere in the world tomorrow.


Time wasted is never lived but lost. It is like an opportunity, once gained, it is never regained.


Regina Pacis, Mediocrity is our enemy

Regina Pacis, Excellence is our pride.


The future belongs to those, who prepare it today.


In Regina Pacis, we train girls to be really girls, bringing out the best in our students with great passion and devote consistency. This is our stuff.


School Anthem

We’re the girls of Regina Pacis Secondary School,
Onitsha. Striving for our total personality.
Human spirit, body, mind and feeling; here do Receive education..


Holy Spirit! Guide our College
So, with charity and faith we’ll work for progress.
We’re the girls of Regina Pacis College,
Yearning for all round culture

Good character make true education
Worth and manners clothe the honourable lady,
Who will raise up a good family
To adorn a worthy nation.

Chorus; Holy Spirit…

When we’re parent or true religious
Towards God our children we will mould;
So that when life’s race is won and over,
We shall wear the blessed crown..

Chorus; Holy Spirit…

Oh my sweet Alma mater how I love you
You’ve nurtured me with wisdom and tenderness
So your image aroma l’ll project;
And be indebted ever to you.

Chorus; Holy Spirit…

Men That Moved The Mountain

Any success story in the history of mankind is associated with great minds. THe statement is true in the case of Regina Pacis Model Secondary School because many great minds had brought their wealth of great experiences at one time or the other, to bear on the historic mark of the institution towards prominence.

Rev. Fr. A. Byne (1962-1970)
Father Byne was the first Director of the Archdiocesan Social Centre. He laid the foundation of the institution. He introduced such subjects as carpentry, mechanic, sewing, cooking, typing and shorthand. He also established branches at NNewi, Adazi, Obeledu, Nimo and Oraukwu
Rev. Fr. Edekobi (1970-1971)
He had a very short stay. He was able to initiate reconstruction of the war devastated Social Centre.
Rev. Fr.Ozigbo (1971-1975)
He took enormous challenges, but was not deterred. He tackled the challenges head-on and revived the Nnewi, Adazi, Obeledu and Oraukwu branches. Fr. Ozigbo opened new branches at Uga, Umunze, Nimo and Agulu. This brought the total number to eight.
Rev. Fr. Akukwe (1975-1990)
His record as the longest serving Director of the school is yet to be beaten. He expanded the academic block. He worked seriously and secured government approval of the School for many examinations.
Rev. Fr. Peter Okafor (Late)(1990-2002)
He constructed the school chapel, refectory, class rooms and hostel for Rev. Sisters. He provided ceiling fans in some of the classrooms, sunk borehole. He also put the P.T.A (P.T.D), in a better shape. He purchased electricity generating set and school band.
Rev. Fr. Charles Anaedo (2002-2006)
He improved the condition of the work force and would always say "I want to enrich my teachers". He constructed a new school building, purchased a school bus, established the school business centre and setup a computer room. He saw the opening of salary accounts for the teachers and introduced teachers identity card. He also bought trophies for school inter-house sports competition. Rev. Fr. Charles Anaedo left the services of the institution in 2006, for further studies in the United States of America.
Rev. Fr. Francis Oyebuchi Goodluck Unegbu (JP) (2006-2012)

He took over the administration of the social centre and regina Pacis Model Secondary School in August 2006. It is the time when the institution needed to maintain the pace of development that was already going on. In less than four months, He made the land mark achievements, thereby sending the message that he would not only maintain the pace of dev elopement but that he will add to it. He gave a face lift to the academic block by repainting it within his first month in office and provided Alumaco Windows for the new block. His foundation was, "IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO LEAVE THE ENVIRONMENT BETTER THAN YOU MET IT".

The school staff and students were firmly motivated and the school's mission statement became a sing-song. He reformed the school's identity card. He changed the school name from Social Centre Secondary School to Regina Pacis Model Secondary School. He sunk a water bore-hole and bought a gigantic 42KVA electric generating set that today we can comfortably without fear boast of steady power supply. He gave the physics and chemistry lab a new look by equipping them. With the benevolence of our Archbishop Most Rev. Valerian Maduka Okeke, Introduced seminars for teachers every academic year to keep abreast the current trends in teaching and learning.

Rev. Fr. Jerome Ezenwelu (2012-till date)
Now the current director, achievements still on-going.

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